In the world of Psi as I discover new things I still find myself wondering about the old stuff. Today it’s hypnosis and what happens within the brain when we are deeply meditating, “under the spell”, deeply depressed or unawarily influenced and driven to act. Is there some kind of electro-physio-psycho brain entrainment going on or what? What makes us “zone out” under certain conditions or find pleasurable addiction in other situations?

More importantly, does anyone even realize how easy it is for just about anyone to recieve a hypnotic suggestion that causes changes in the brain and is done without permission?  Think television, abnormally popular music, repeated commercials, company logos, promotional jingles, social media challenges, popular sayings or name brand clothing. Think about how many we’ve told someone “Look it up, Google is your friend”. We know Google is not our friend but we’ve been programmed to go to their search engine first when looking for something online. Successful branding in commercial sales is one form of mass-hypnosis in action and we prove it works well all the time. The branding form is the easiest in my opinion because all that’s required is repetition and your attention.

So how is this happening? Is this just an electrical influence being excited and directed by us or is this the fault of the second party driving our brains into this “gotta have it-right now” response?  Personally, I think hypnosis happens when there is a well-focused mental attention that acts upon the body. The concentrated state of mind causes a change in the condition of the body aknowledging the request to accept hypnosis, meditation, thoughtless shopping or celebrity influence.

We know that the mind is connected to the body (duh!) and they communicate nonstop. The brain is like the flight tower of the human plane experience and without it giving us the signals we’d have no motion, no thoughts and no life. In the state of hypnosis a variety of suggestions can be made that are handed over to the will of the hypnotized person. Those suggestions are then treated as if they originated from the persons mind and acted upon with no hesitation.

Even for the person who has learned to meditate, influential suggestion can be made to the self that will indeed be accepted and acted upon by the physical body.

The downside of hypnosis is when the brain is manipulated to produce negative responses like depression, anger, lust, obsession, violence or other thoughtless behaviors. This dark and devious level of hypnotic influence can be observed in modern day interactions with biased news, social media, frequency-pulse manipulated music, popularisation of dangerous lifestyles, flickering of monitors & televisions and even people close to us who are able to sway our thoughts. Well administered, hypnotic influence plays a part of our lives everyday and we succumb to it like a fish to water.

Hopefully I am merely a small part of a quickly growing populus realizing and breaking the hypnotic spell our minds and wallets are currently trapped in. Yeah, wishful thinking…I know.