So what is Psi exactly? Psi the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet (Ψ, ψ) , it’s the name used as a prefix for the 23rd star within a constellation. Psi is also used to describe the parapsychological, psychic ability or psychic phenomena.

But hang on a second….there’s a theory that explains the magical Psi of you and me and the scientific understanding of what makes us tick.


The PSI theory is a theory of human action regulation by psychologist Dietrich Doerner. This is an attempt to create a body-mind link for the virtual-human experience. It aims at the integration of cognitive processes, emotions and motivations. This theory is unusual in cognitive psychology in that emotions are not explicitly defined but emerge from human influence, perception, action-selection, planning and memory access. Emotions become apparent when we interact with our environment and display expressive behavior, resulting in a configuration that resembles emotional episodes. We react to the environment by forming memories, expectations and immediate evaluations.

 The Psi theory defines a number of modulators and built-in motivators that lie within a certain range of intensities. Together, these parameters combine to produce complex behavior that can be interpreted as being emotional. Additionally, by regulating these parameters, we are able to adapt ourselves to the different circumstances in the environment we are in. This theory has been applied to different human simulations in different types of environments and has proven to be a promising theory for the creation of awareness and biological reasoning.


Further down the rabbit hole we come to “Parapsychology”. This is a branch of psychology that studies psi experiences and paranormal stuff. Generally their focus is on 2 areas.

1. Psi-Gamma – The ability to acquire information through nonsensory or nonphysical methods like telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition.

2. Psi-Kappa – The ability to affect something or move physical objects through nonphysical methods like telekinesis, psychic healing and remote influencing.

All throughout history recordings and texts detailing the psi or psychic abilities from oracles, prophets, seers and mystics. In ancient times those beings were either worshipped or persecuted. Parapsychology looks for ways to explain Psi phenomena using modern day research. Their efforts provide us with an explanation of these events and prove that Psi is not merely pure chance or coincidence. Psi is our natural ability included in the design of the human consciousness, a 6th or 7th sense for those aware of the world beyond our basic faculties.