Technically speaking, telekinesis is regarded as a form of electromagnetism.  It is taught that we can’t move anything with the mind alone. Our brains and their individual electromagnetic energy fields are not strong enough to move or influence any outside physical object.

I do not believe this to be the truth. We have simply been taught to dismiss anything that lacks popular understanding. Fate and destiny are the labels given to the ability we all have to create all surroundings and experiences. And this seriously leaves humanity handicapped due to a protected knowledge by few distorted to maintain ignorance for the many.

To understand and experience telekinesis we must be able to learn and harness the body’s electromagnetic energy field as well as it’s input and output. As an example, the human “Heart” has the strongest electromagnetic field along with being the strongest organ in the human body. Our hearts produce “electricity” to keep the body living. So, where would telekinetic energy come from?

Simply put- Telekinesis requires “three” types of energy sources.

1. the brain.
2. the heart.
3. the body.

All three of these physical elements have their own electromagnetic energy field. So what would it take to harness an additional, special type of energy?

To begin comprehension of this ability one must gain better control over the body . You can start by learning how to control your BREATHING. Every breath you take contributes to your overall energy field. The breath control can be used as a way to focus the mind away from influence and regulate energy in the body which can then be used to connect with other energy sources to initiate a response.

The next step is controlling the mind and the noise we hear daily from the chatterbox in our heads. In my opinion this is the hardest part of the process. Quieting the mind is rare for many of us as we have learned to deal with our busy brains for the most part. We exist and act, forgetting that our minds control our perceptions and behavior, thus creating a network of emotions and distortions that oftentimes requires much awareness, dedication and practice to gain full control over.

Be patient with yourself during this process, it may be hard to achieve control over outside impressions in the noisy world we’ve created.

Practice “mindfulness” daily, during basic chores, quiet moments at work and even in room full of people. You must learn to extract useless distraction and learn to desire/create an energy field of tranquility inside and outside of your self.

Once you have conquered proper breathing techniques and mental control many things are possible. You will understand how this is true once you have learned to control the most important processes happening within your self. If you skip these steps it will be equivalent to building a brick wall with no awareness of why you need bricks.