I’ve been a student of the world of Remote Viewing as a part of my clairvoyance training and I LOVE it! It’s a bit like having a free travel ticket to places unknown. I’ve located every target practice website I can find and practiced till I ran out of paper. Then came the shift…At the start of the year I got a bit distracted and stuck, surfing Facebook instead of doing some research and I came across some RV forums and decided to join and try them out. Once I discovered most of the groups were just guessing games I bowed out and went looking for a smaller, serious group. I asked the universe to take me where I needed to go next and scrolled through the search results of psychic groups and clairvoyant chats and then came a link that made my stomach drop.

A psychic group for crime solving. YES! I felt so drawn to it that I knew what it meant instantly. So for over a month I read everything I could get my hands on regarding remote viewing and crime solving. There were so many great things but unfortunately even more bad things were found regarding the clairvoyant community and assisting in solving cold cases and current real world problems. And the problem was always the same, bad actors. It seems it’s pretty easy to say you have psychic ability when you can read body language and speak in general terms to strangers.

The awful part is that the majority of the real clairvoyant beings do not reveal themselves publicly. They isolate themselves to small groups or work alone and in silence. What’s even more awful is that this ability is within all of us but the majority will experience this life impaired by their belief in limitation. Most do not seek what few will learn. Could you imagine going through a lifetime never realizing or making use of your right arm and left leg? Would you feel any regret for believing the people, books and imagery that convinced you that those extra limbs were useless?  Would you be upset to discover this information was always out there but most people never bothered to look for it?

Personally, I would be devastated. And to be honest I’m experiencing a bit of that feeling this year. Searching through the vast amount of unsolved cases and missing people was draining and hypnotic in the sense that I felt magnified to the idea of helping. My mind shifted and I grew angry at the thought of people who can accurately remote view locations and influence electronics. Why aren’t these high profile viewers working to solve crimes and save lives? I searched for an answer and while I won’t say who gave me an answer what I got was disheartening. People wanted to be paid for their work or they didn’t want to submit DNA samples to prove their skills were not admissions of guilt. People in this realm seem to have little to no interest in doing humanitarian work with their gifts, but guessing the lottery numbers and horse races is always on the menu!

Everyone I spoke with told me the same thing- Don’t do RV work on criminal cases or missing people because you will become a suspect. Police will kick in your doors and stalk you, criminals will come for you if you are solving crimes…..I understand not wanting to be treated like a suspect but I am bitter at the notion that saving a life has limitations to the minds claiming to be without limits… This made me question everything. What if they’re right, I’ll be harassed or hurt? What if I cause injury or someone is injured due to something I’ve said? What a paradox….

Turning my mind into a deeper ocean of connections and ability has been an incredible experience and the most depressing at the same time. Discovering a real connection between our brains and the omnipresence of universal information is noting short of phenomenal and sad.

And even though this data is there and can be accessed by seemingly anyone I feel stressed when I ponder the thought of why this isn’t standardized information. Why isn’t this taught in school to children or in colleges? Why isn’t clairvoyance regarded as another one of our “senses”? To me this feels like having extra limbs and realizing I have been taught to ignore its existence or regard it’s presence as a defect.

Well, we know at the very least we are taught to shame and dismiss anything unusual so that’s one reason. Another is the fact that studies on brain entrainment and consciousness are still not as popular as viagra and brain/behavior altering drugs. No public interest means no funds toward studies to capitalize and control it. Most of us are just living to work and trying to eat safe food…