Thank you and welcome to my journey into eternity. This blog is merely an exploratory reflection of the ALL including the consciousness of the human, being. Here I will share scientific studies of the brain, opinions, thought-provoking imagery as well as the personal reflections of an undercover clairvoyant. Currently, my focus is Remote Viewing and Telekinesis but as I learn more this will overflow into other areas. All who are seeking access to our divine connection are welcome to join me as I travel away from the distraction and assimilate with atomic divinity!


   For readers who are new to studies of the quantum mechanics of the mind and our true ability to bring forth an idea into our reality do not worry. This blog will always include a simplified breakdown whenever the hard-to-pronounce, scientific words outnumber basic explantions.

Thanks for reading this far….now let’s begin. What the heck is this Quantum Mechanics stuff?