While there are many videos about Remote Viewing online I personally did not agree with the energy, the methods or the marketing of many individuals in this realm. The videos featured on this page are the few I “feel” ok with and is no endorsement by any means. Be very careful if you decide to learn this ability through an instructor or an “institution” as there are many who just want to charge you for information that is FREE. Pay for direct (live) tutoring if you feel you need it but do not pay for clickable lessons easily found in books, pdf documents and free blog sites. Again, all the instruction you need is to start with is an open mind and the intent to access that part of yourself. The rest of the data is available in many places and each of us may gravitate towards something different than the next.

A very informative recount from advanced remote viewer, Dick Allgire. Here he discusses his first time viewing and gives a few details on how he did it, what he experienced and his belief regarding the ability to view data beyond space and time.

ViceLand recently produced an interesting segment on remote viewing with a real demonstration.

So what is remote viewing? Here’s a simple breakdown of who can view, what is viewable and why those who can, should!


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